Service Terms

The customer agrees that:

1. By accepting delivery of the skip or service, the customer , or representative thereof, is fully accepting the terms and conditions  hereby  set out of skip hire provided by FNQ SKIPS.
2. Following any verbal instruction, at the point of order, or on site, albeit in the event that a signature is obtained, cannot be gained on delivery, and/or in the event of the customer or representative thereof not being on site for signatory purposes, it will be deemed that the terms and conditions are accepted once delivery has taken place and in filling the skip provided, all terms and conditions fully apply therein.
3. To fully indemnify that FNQ SKIPS against any liability for personal injury or property damage when instructed verbally at the point of order, in person on site, or otherwise, by the customer or their representative (s), for any damages caused when directed off the public highway, to a place not constructed or generally rated for heavy trucks in terms of kerbs, pavements, dri veways, footings, pipes, manholes, pets or other obstacles (s) in width, height or however such injury or damage may be caused.
4. Skips will not be filled above the top rim, and there will be no items or waste protruding above or from any direction whatsoever of the skip, and all waste will be confined within the skips capacity.
5. In the event of an overloaded skip, FNQ SKIPS reserve the right under the Road Traffic Act and Workplace Health and Safety Act of refuse to lift the skip, and additional charges will be charged to make the bin safe to transport.
6. If the skip is not available for collection on its designated pick up day, and unless previous arrangements have been made for extended hire, and additional cost will be applied.
7. Skips will not contain any prohibited items such as asbestos, tyres, paints, liquids, foodstuffs combustibles or gases.
8. Should any of the prohibited items be found in the skip, the customer is solely liable for all separation, environmental clean-up , and all charges arising from the contamination.
9. To pay FNQ Skips for any damages, repairs or replacement incurred to skips that may be damaged whilst on hire or on site and in the possession of the customer.
10. To ensure that any ski p or skips that may be placed in a public area are to be adequately covered to prevent wastes belong removed, or any discharge of wastes thereof, and to fully indemnify FNQ SKIPS against any legal actions, damages or costs which may occur or be granted against FNQ SKIPS or subsidiary thereof.